HVAC Maintenance Plan $35/mo

Sign up today and save big on HVAC repairs for your home and ensure regular maintenance throughout the year to keep costs down and comfort up.

Terms & Conditions

Platinum Service Agreement Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of Service:

a. Radford Legacy HVAC, LLC (referred to as “RLHVAC”) agrees to provide comprehensive HVAC services to the customer during the term of this agreement, as specified in the service plan chosen.

2. Term:

a. The term of this agreement commences upon the date of the customer’s sign-up and continues indefinitely until the customer chooses to cancel.

b. Upon signing up, there is a minimum commitment of one year. If the customer cancels before the completion of the first year, they will be charged the remaining balance for the year’s service as outlined in the pricing schedule.

3. Service Plan:

a. The customer will be enrolled in the Platinum service plan, which offers comprehensive coverage as specified in the service plan document.

4. Payment:

a. The customer agrees to pay a monthly fee of $35 for the primary system, and any additional systems will be charged at $10 per month unless otherwise specified by Radford Legacy HVAC, LLC. Any changes to the payment amounts will be communicated to the customer in advance.

5. Service Visits:

a. Service visits will occur two times per year, with a spring A/C visit scheduled between April and June and a fall Heat visit scheduled between September and November, as specified in the service plan.

6. Contact and Service Visit Forfeiture:

a. Radford Legacy HVAC will make initial contact attempts through email to schedule service visits. If there is no response from the customer within two weeks of the initial contact, further attempts will be made via phone.

b. If there is no response from the customer within one month of the initial contact, either through email or phone, the scheduled service visit for that period will be forfeited.

7. Emergency Repairs:

a. RLHVAC will respond to emergency HVAC repair requests within 24 hours, as outlined in the service plan.

8. Exclusions:

a. Certain services or components may be excluded from the service plan, as detailed in the service plan document. Any repairs or replacements beyond the service plan scope will be subject to additional charges.

9. Termination:

a. The customer may terminate this agreement with written notice of at least 30 days. RLHVAC may terminate the agreement for non-payment, misuse, or breach of terms.

10. Liability:

a. RLHVAC is not liable for any damages or losses arising from system malfunction or breakdown, except for those caused by negligence or willful misconduct on the part of RLHVAC.

11. Governing Law:

a. This agreement is governed by the laws of North Carolina, and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Johnston County.

12. Entire Agreement:

a. This agreement represents the entire understanding between the customer and RLHVAC and supersedes any prior agreements or understandings.